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"If now isn't a good time for the truth, I don't see when we will get to it."

-Nikki Giovanni, an American poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
Senate State Affairs heard HCR33, a Concurrent Resolution to recognize and raise awareness about the crisis that states around the nation, including Idaho, are facing with the issue of missing and murdered indigenous persons. The legislation will designate May 5th as a day of awareness and supporting efforts to research the cause and explore solutions through collaboration between the five federally recognized tribes with Idaho as well as those entities who share criminal jurisdiction. It is vital that we support our indigenous communities and I am pleased to report that the legislation was moved to the Senate Floor with a do-pass recommendation.

Coronavirus Update
Governor Little issued a proactive Emergency Declaration in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Idaho still has no reported cases, but the declaration will help us be prepared to fight the virus when it becomes necessary. Stay updated with the State's efforts at

Abysmal Loss on Anti-Diversity Bill
On a 25-10 vote, the Senate sent H440a back to the House floor. This harmful legislation will remove Affirmative Action practices that women and minorities depend on for equitable hiring and education access. H440a is a step back into the Jim Crow era, where "equal under the law" functions as systematic legalization of discrimination.

International Visitor Leadership Program

We welcomed visitors from India with the International Visitor Leadership Program. The group came for the Women's Political Power: Negotiating Space at the Decision Makers' Table: A Project for India. I was honored to meet and speak with these powerful and intelligent women who are doing great things for their country!

Idaho Business Review Women of the Year
I gave the keynote address at the IBR Annual Gala. Join me in congratulating my fellow Senator Abby Lee and Representatives Muffy Davis and Brooke Green on being recognized in Idaho Business Review's 2020 Women of the Year!

Keeping Our Kids Safe
After two days of emotional testimony, S1384 was voted down in Senate State Affairs Committee. This is a huge win for our teachers and students! This legislation would have forced school districts to allow teachers or staff to conceal carry a weapon inside schools without notifying the parents or law enforcement of who is carrying. The legislation did not specify a required amount of training for those who would carry and it would have made protecting our children and teachers in an emergency even more difficult for law enforcement officers. We must continue to address gun violence in every aspect of our communities.

Attempts to Defund Healthcare Providers
H525 was unfortunately sent out of the Senate State Affairs Committee with a do-pass recommendation. This legislation, if enacted, would reduce the amount of vital resources that healthcare providers who perform abortions would recieve from the government. State resources are already mandated to not go towards abortion services, and this legislation is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on providers such as Planned Parenthood. Watch as this legislation moves to the Senate floor for a full vote.

Improving the Career Ladder for Our Teachers
On a more positive note, H523 was sent out of the Senate Education Committee with a do-pass recommendation! This useful legislation is a great step in the right direction and will reward our veteran teachers by creating a 3rd rung of the career ladder. $8.5 million will be put towards our highly skilled master educators phased over 5 years. Investing in our schools is one of the best things we can do for our children and part of this involves paying our teachers fairly for the amazing work they do!

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