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"People ask me sometimes ...'When will there be enough women on the Supreme Court?' And my answer is: 'When there are nine.'"

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Important Dates!

  • Senate State Affairs began hearing public testimony on H500 yesterday, but due to the overwhelming turnout against this harmful legislation, the hearing will continue followed by a vote on Monday. Come to WW55 at 8am on Monday to tell the Senate committee how YOU feel about girls' rights to sports in Idaho. When you arrive to the Committee room, be sure to put your name on the sign up sheet, even if you don't plan to testify, to ensure that your opposition is recorded in official record.
  • This year, Idaho is having a Presidential Preference Primary this Tuesday, March 10th. This is where Idaho voters will choose their presidential candidate. On Saturday, April 4th, registered Idaho citizens who would like to be a delegate to the State Convention to represent Idaho will be elected. Then, on Tuesday, May 19th, any registered voter of any party in Idaho will vote for US Senate, Congressional Legislative, and County and Precinct Captain candidates. For more information, (including voting eligibility and early voting) visit the Ada County Election website.

Coronavirus Update
Governor Little announced a new Coronavirus Working Group to support Idaho's public health agencies and increase the coordination and communication that surrounds multiple aspects of planning and response efforts. Idaho is prepared; Governor Little and public health officials have been monitoring and preparing for the coronavirus since January when the first case was confirmed in the United States. While Idaho has yet to see a confirmed case of its own, it is imperative to ramp up personal hygiene to prevent the spread of disease. Visit Governor Little's new website at Coronavirus.Idaho.Gov for more information, rolling updates on Idaho's situation, and contact information for local public health districts.

Idaho Employers Come Out Against Anti-Trans Bills
Senate State Affairs Chairwoman Patti Anne Lodge and Vice Chairman Mark Harris received a letter from Chobani, Cliffords Bar, HP, and Micron in which the companies expressed concern that bills currently circulating in the legislature could hurt their ability to recruit employees. The companies cited House Bills 500 and 509, which would ban transgender girls and women from playing on female high school and college sports teams and would block transgender people from changing their birth certificates. In addition to this, State Affairs members received a letter from TechNet in opposition to H500. Not only are these bills not good for our children or our community, but they aren't good for Idaho business.

Idaho Day!

For Idaho Day the Senate was treated to a native dance performance by the students from Lillian Vallely School from the Fort Hall Reservation. They were amazing!

Hardship Hits the Legislature

  • H383, which would have allowed sexual assault survivors who don't file a criminal complaint to get a restraining order regardless of if they're in a domestic relationship with the perpetrator, was denied a vote in House committee. We will continue to fight to protect those who have been sexually assaulted, regardless of these unfortunate setbacks.
  • Both the House and the Senate passed the Vital Statistics rule without the sections that allowed the Department of Health to change gender markers on birth certificates for transgender individuals. This vote is worsened by unconstitutional bills that are currently being heard such as H509, which if passed will inevitably be overturned in court after the State wastes taxpayer money in legal fees and harm occurs in our transgender community.
  • I have been contacted by many concerned Idahoans about S1384, which would allow school district employees to carry a concealed weapon on school property. Not only do I oppose guns in schools, but this legislation removes school districts' ability to decide on gun safety policies in their local schools. In order to protect our children and our community I will be voting against S1384.

Chris Mosier
I got to have lunch with Pro Nike Athlete Chris Mosier. He is an all-American Team USA Men's National Champ - who also happens to be a transgender man. Thank you, Chris, for coming to Boise and all your work around the nation for the transgender community!

Idaho Patient Act
The Idaho Patient Act made it out of Senate committee this week. This legislation, which is in part a response to medical debt collection practices discovered in east Idaho, would institute new timelines for billing, require transparency in the services being billed to patients, implement deadlines for when providers can send a bill to collections and caps the amount attorneys can receive in supplemental attorney’s fees in medical debt-collection lawsuits. This is good and reasonable legislation that protects Idahoans and I will support it on the Senate floor.

News You Can Use
Both the House and the Senate passed HJR4 with the required 2/3rds majority vote. Since this is an Idaho State Constitutional Amendment, you will now see it on your ballot this November for ratification by the people.

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