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"We needed to be assertive as women in those days - assertive and aggressive - and the degree to which we had to be that way depended on where you were. I had to be."

-Katherine Johnson, mathematician whose calculations of orbital mechanics were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. crewed spaceflights. Her story was highlighted in the motion picture Hidden Figures.

Important Dates!

  • Thank you for your attendance at our first two successful town halls! The final town hall of this session is town hall is from 6-7pm at on March 3rd at Hidden Spring Elementary School.
  • This year, Idaho is having a Presidential Preference Primary on Tuesday, March 10th. This is where Idaho voters will choose their presidential candidate. On Saturday, April 4th, registered Idaho citizens who would like to be a delegate to the State Convention to represent Idaho will be elected. Then, on Tuesday, May 19th, any registered voter of any party in Idaho will vote for US Senate, Congressional Legislative, and County and Precinct Captain candidates. For more information, (including voting eligibility and early voting) visit the Ada County Election website.

Legislation Update

Legislation for both the Fair Chance Employment Act (S1318) and Too Great for Hate (S1297) are awaiting hearings in House committees. Watch for Fair Chance in the House Judiciary & Rules Committee and Too Great for Hate in House Transportation & Defense Committee.

Legislative Wins of the Week

  • H465- Thanks to your advocacy and heartfelt and brave testimonies, Chairman Chaney will hold this harmful legislation in committee. This bill would have prohibited (through criminalization) anyone from performing surgeries or otherwise providing gender affirming care to a minor under the age of 18. In his letter to the bill’s sponsor, Representative Chaney credited his decision to emotional testimony of the 50+ citizens who attended the House Judiciary & Rules Committee, as well as legal concerns. While we celebrate this win, we cannot dismiss the other harmful legislation that has been proposed this session and that may be before us in the Senate soon.
  • S1314- The Hands Free bill is being sent to the House after the Senate passed the legislation in a 30-5 vote. The statewide hands-free law, of which I was a proud co-sponsor, will establish unified regulation that is consistent across cities and counties. Under the law, the use of a handheld cellphone while driving is an infraction; using hands-free devices will be legal. Penalties, which would take effect Jan. 1, 2021, start at $75 for a first offense, and increase for subsequent offenses within three years. This legislation will prevent drivers from being distracted by their phones which will result in increased safety of our roads.
  • S1345- This bill will legalize the growth and transportation of industrial hemp in Idaho. This will put Idaho in compliance with federal law and allow growers to transport across the state without penalty. I voted in support of this bill in the Senate and look forward to its success in the House.
  • H466- This bill passed out of House committee and is awaiting a vote on the House floor, would set a much needed limit on the marriage age in Idaho where one currently does not exist. But, it doesn’t go far enough. The minimum legal age for marriage in Idaho would be 16 years of age. Additionally, it restricts the difference in age of individuals to for those 18 years of age and not less than 16 years of age to 3 years. While these are strides in the right direction, we must do more to protect against coerced or forced marriage of children. This could be accomplished by requiring the marriage of 16 or 17 year olds to also be approved by a judge as well as a parent or guardian.

Social Work Advocacy Day

I had the pleasure of speaking to the National Association of Social Workers at their Legislative Education & Advocacy Days (LEAD). As an MSW, I support and admire these students and our communities are fortunate to have them involved in the tough issues that surround us.

Be on Alert!!

  • H509- This bill was passed out of House this week and will ban transgender people from changing the gender marker on their birth certificates. Not only is this bad policy for the people of Idaho, it will likely be a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars in legal challenges which the State will lose. A similar policy from the Idaho State Department of Health & Welfare was struck down by a federal court just two years ago. If enacted, this legislation will be in direct violation of the court mandate and the Department will have to choose whether to violate state law or be in contempt of a federal court order. I am definitely against this legislation.
  • H500- The “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” passed the House on a near party line vote. I will not be supporting this legislation in the Senate. Not only are there many legal concerns surrounding the legislation, but it has negative implications on our youth, especially those who are transgender. There is no reason for our youth to be subjected to invasive medical exams. We must stand with our youth.

Social Determinants of Health Interview

Blue Cross of Idaho partnered with FSG to do a study to better understand how social and economic factors are impacting the health of Idahoans. I was interviewed by this wonderful team, who is studying social determinants of health. This refers to the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age. Scholarly literature suggests that these social and economic conditions contribute largely in shaping the health of communities across the country and our state.

Have a wonderful week,


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