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"Knowledge is power!"
- Francis Bacon

Dear Friends,

President Trump's Election Integrity Commission sent a letter to all Secretaries of State requesting an egregious amount of voters' personal information with apurported goal to combat voter fraud. The letter does not explain how the information will be used, what it will be used for, how it will be protected (if at all), or how long the Federal Government will maintain control over the personal information of hundreds of thousands of Idahoans.

Your State Democratic Leadership sent a letter to Idaho's Secretary of State Lawrence Denney requesting that he not comply with the request. To read the letter, click here. Several Democratic Legislators have written letters to the editor in response to the issue, and I shared my concerns in interviews on KBOI. Democratic leadership met with the Sec. Denney on July 18 to discuss the importance of protecting your private information, and left the meeting feeling confident that he would not release information that wasn't already public. The issue is ongoing.

Even though the legislative session is over, Democrats remain hard at work. Our leadership team called for a Climate Change Interim Working Group to investigate the effects of climate change in Idaho. We realize that climate change is a real threat to our way of life, especially as our state economy is so dependent upon agriculture.

We also wrote a letter to US Senators Risch and Crapo expressing our concern about the efforts to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that are taking place behind closed doors in Washington, D.C. Estimates indicate that the repeal of the ACA will put another 130,000 Idahoans at risk of losing health coverage. We deserve to know what changes are under consideration every step of the way. Idaho Democrats will continue to take leadership on this issue and fight for the needs of our fellow Idahoans.

I had the honor of joining Boise's Mayor Bieter and Boise Police Chief Bill Bones in attending the opening of the new Islamic Center. Additionally, the WorldVillage Festival held at Capitol Park, June 9-11 was amazing! I was delighted to present opening comments and had the joy of doing a little jazz with Andrew Cortens, Billy Mitchell, and Dave Manion. It was a beautiful time in the neighborhood. Think of it - Boise, Idaho -- the epicenter of global connection. It was exciting to experience the world right here at home: to explore a multitude of vibrant cultures, to share world views, to celebrate our uniqueness, and our similarities, and to engage with friends, neighbors and folks from around the world though that great unifier, the arts. All freely communicating, without hesitation, through music, poetry, dance, storytelling and conversation! It is indeed exciting to be in the company of artists and those who love, support and promote the arts. It was my joy to appreciate, honor, and advocate for the arts.

Jeremy Gugino was born and raised in Rochester, NY and has lived in Boise since 2006. Jeremy has a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri. After graduating in 1995, he worked at television news stations in Columbia, Mo., Spokane, WA, Cincinnati, OH and Rochester, NY. Jeremy graduated in 2005 from the Gonzaga School of Law and moved to Boise to clerk for Chief Bankruptcy Judge Terry L. Myers 2006-2007. After finishing his term, Jeremy was appointed as a Bankruptcy Trustee for the District of Idaho in August 2007. He held the position until 2014 when he retired and stopped taking active cases. He began volunteering for the Idaho Democratic Caucus during the 2017 legislative session and was brought on full-time as the Caucus' Communications Director in May.

Jeremy has been a tremendous asset to our team and I'm so proud of his work. Thank you, Jeremy!

Everywhere I go, people ask me "what can I do"? I offer the following:

Cherie's 7-upsrules of engagement:
1. Stand up: Take the risk!
2. Show up: Be there, attending fully, dependably, participating, representing.
3. Speak up: Find your voice: use it effectively, speak plainly and concisely.
4. Shut up: Know when to be still and listen. Know that listening is not only a behavior, but also a valuable skill.
5. Make up: Reconciliation will be necessary. Demonstrate compassion. Humanity cannot survive without it.
6. Re-up: Periodically take time to recommit, review the purpose, seek clarity and obtain good counsel as needed.
7. Look up: Find that power greater than yourself. Seek strength and direction.

The best thing you can do is to be informed. Engage: read the news, seek out information from reputable sources and groups that interest you. But above all, know what's going on around you. Knowledge is power.

As always, if you have questions or concerns you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I welcome your suggestions and comments.




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