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I've got to keep on pushing

I can't stop now

Move up a little higher

Some way, somehow

'Cause I've got my strength

And it don't make sense

Not to keep on pushin'

The Impressions (old school 1964 Soul)


Hello Friends,

As the summer comes to a close and Election Day approaches, I'm glad to share updates from around District 19 and the state.


I am privileged to serve on the Foster Care Study Committee. We met twice in August - to cover research and establish our goals, and to hear presentations from key players engaged in and supporting the foster care system. While foster care is an option of last resort, we must look for opportunities to strengthen families of origin to avoid removal, and support solutions determined to be "in the best interest of the child". I appreciate the commitment and deliberate, thoughtful approach of those working hard to do what's best for Idaho's children. You can read the committee minutes here.

Boise's own Kristin Armstrong won the Gold Medal for the 3rd time at the 2016 Olympic Games! This is no small feat and we are so proud of her work. Boiseans celebrated her accomplishment at the unveiling of the newly named Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park in Boise.  I have prepared a bipartisan resolution recognizing her accomplishments to present early in the legislative session. Kristin Armstrong is indeed an Idaho Treasure.

"Stronger Shines the Light Inside", an exhibit by artist Angie Smith, honored the refugee experience in Boise. I was honored to speak to a packed house at the opening reception for the exhibition last month. You can view Smith's work, read the stories and honor the people presented, through November 1st in three locations: Boise City Hall, 19th and Bannock Streets, and The Grove. To quote Mayor Bieter in his State of the City address this year, "Boise is Welcoming". My hope is that the same will be so for all of Idaho.

The College of Western Idaho TIPPS Leadership Club invited me to present at their annual camp - always an inspirational experience. TIPPS provides the framework for college student success through transformational camps, individual coaching, and the student club.  The young men and women who attended did themselves proud. They "did their work": explored opportunities, took risks, stretched, reflected, dumped unproductive habits, showed up powerfully and created a vision for a meaningful future. I was totally energized in their presence.

Right after the Election we'll start prepping for the Legislative Session. That's just 3 months away! If you need to reach me, I encourage you to contact me during the interim via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will do my best to get back to you in 5-7 days.

This year, Election Day is November 8th. Always make a plan to vote! If you need to find your polling place, you can search here. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you as I knock on doors in the district!

It is my honor to represent you in the Idaho Senate.



Cherie Buckner-Webb

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